The Depths of Desire

What is your deepest desire?

It is often said that we limits ourselves as humans by being too rational. We are hardwired to survive, and through almost instantaneous reaction, our brains tell us how to stay safe in uncertain situations. Far too often because of this, we make decisions that actually cause us harm in the long run, as we avoid taking on battles that could benefit us greatly if and when we were to emerge victorious.

The fear of jumping into the unknown scares the shit of almost everybody I talk to. Really it scares the shit out of me, too, but as a child I developed the sense of diving into the deep end and figuring it out later. I admit I spent years almost drowning in the waters of situations I didn’t know how to swim in fully, yet managed to survive to tell the stories. I literally almost drowned in real life, too, but as fate would have it, I was rescued and am here alive to try again.

I am a much smarter swimmer, and a more developed person now. The abilities I have gained through trial, error, victory, defeat, and recovery have been far more than just physical. With every lesson learned, I have improved my flexibility, strength, fortitude, resilience, and my capacity to remain calm in new situations. I also have developed the sense to start, stop, and transition more smoothly.

Now as I lean in to submerge myself in new experiences, I do so knowing I can handle more than the last time. I expand my desires to increase my abilities. With every new undertaking, I understand that my will WILL be tested, and that the only time I will experience loss is if I allow my will to be broken.

I am continuously developing into a better person. My desire to is the deepest emotion I have felt this year. I want to feel better inside and out. I want to heal properly so that I may show that it is possible after being broken. I am swimming in deep waters now, but understanding my own abilities is the key to being confident within these depths.

I want to increase my footprint as an entrepreneur. My desire to BIPOC voices and stories is the central mission in my professional life. I am consistently taking on bigger roles, and growing in my faith in myself. I am growing future leaders with me as I continue to develop myself. The depths of legacy are created over an entire lifetime, so I am charting the course as I navigate my life with a clear goal in mind: ELEVATE MY PEOPLE!

My desire for is a spiritual journey. I am exalting in everything I do moving forward. No matter what my past says, I have closed those chapters and begun writing new pages. I am a beacon of hope. I am a lighthouse designed to guide others through the hazards I have faced so they may avoid them. My light shines brightest through the nights as a messenger of validation- that transparent and selfless love can heal any wound created by pride.

My desires are deep. I have come to realize I am a limitless being. God designed me in favor to grow to meet him. Love, light, faith, elevation and understanding are what generate healing. I am a child of infinite potential. I submit myself to my desires…




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Kenneth Cortez

My digital diary. Thoughts and views of a seed planter. Growth is motivated by acceptance. Change your behavior to change your course.