Whiteness Pervades

Whiteness is the American identity. The powers that be fight hard to maintain said identity, but things are changing faster now than ever before. Yet still, whiteness pervades.

Even in a black space, whiteness penetrates. In a black production, white people play key characters, even if only smaller roles. There are so many white people that hold keys to systems that it’s impossible to hide them from any space. Do you see how whiteness permeates?

That is why there is a need for groups dedicated to uplifting our people. Until whiteness is no longer the social identity of America, black and brown people will forever be treated as secondary thoughts. Changing the cultural identity ingrained in our society calls for white people to lay down their whiteness. This paradox results in some white people feeling like saviors. Whiteness pervades…



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Kenneth Cortez

My digital diary. Thoughts and views of a seed planter. Growth is motivated by acceptance. Change your behavior to change your course.